The benefits of being a Freemason

It is a misconception that people become Freemasons for financial or political gain; this is in fact disallowed. The benefits of Freemasonry come in the form of brotherhood, mutual assistance and help in times of need.



What is it that has prompted many of history’s greatest figures to become Freemasons? Why do good men continue to join today?

There’s a variety of reasons and people come to Freemasonry in different ways. Let’s go through some of the benefits that attract people to Freemasonry.


We’ve all gone through hard times, where the world feels like a lonely and troubled place. As a tight-knit society, Freemasonry acts as a social network and safety net giving its members a sense of brotherhood and belonging to something greater than themselves.

As a Freemason in any type of distress, emotional or otherwise, it will be the duty of your fellow Freemasons to be there for you and provide assistance. No matter your background, age or occupation, you’ll be treated as an equal brother.



Social Network

Long before Facebook, there was Freemasonry. Masonry has served as a closed, tight-knit social network for centuries. Freemasons’ social circles tend to be other Freemasons; this just happens naturally. You’ll meet new people and make new friends.

Families of Freemasons get to know each other and there are regular Masonic social events and entertainment for the brethren. On some of these events, family members and friends also participate; and this is something that is becoming increasingly encouraged.




Freemasonry also tends to attract the charity type – people who like to contribute to the wider community. Freemasonry donates tens of millions of dollars/pounds/euros every year and is one of the largest contributors to charity (although its not always publicized).

Freemasons are encouraged to take part and organize charitable events for both Masonic and Non-Masonic charities. It gives you the opportunity to get directly involved in large, well-funded and organized charity projects.




The honor roll of Freemasonry is extremely illustrious. So if meet the joining criteria and you’re accepted into the brotherhood, it is an honor and something to be proud of. It is the most prestigious brotherhood around and has spawned copycat organizations world-wide.

There’s been a lot of stigma surrounding Freemasonry, and this has caused Masons to be reluctant to openly admit their membership. However through education and the increasing access to information, this is slowly starting to change.




Freemasonry is not something you can join to use for political or financial gain. These types are easily spotted and rejected (we’ve had a lot of experience). If you meet the criteria (found here), you’re a good person and want to help your community, then its for you.

Freemasonry does however come with perks; brotherhood, a new social network, a safety net and opening the doors to charity involvement. You’ll get out of Freemasonry what you put in, most likely more.


If the above resonates with you, and you think you may want to join Freemasonry, you can get in contact with us.




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