The 3rd degree – The Master Mason

In Freemasonry, the third and highest degree is known as the Master Mason degree. Degrees are levels which a Freemason progresses through in Freemasonry. In order, the degree names are: Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason.

Overview of the 3rd degree

It’s the 3rd and highest degree within Freemasonry, known as the Master Mason degree. Once you have got your 3rd Degree as a Freemason, you’ve reached the highest level and the respect earned with it.

Like the previous 1st degree and 2nd degree, the 3rd degree is conferred on you with an elaborate degree ceremony.


Build up to the 3rd degree

It is perhaps the most dramatic and exhilarating degree ceremony. As with the prior two degrees, it involves elaborate rituals, ceremony, dramatic acts and an oath-taking.



Ritual of the 3rd degree

This will be the climactic degree and is an even more elaborate degree ritual than previous degrees. Without giving away any secrets or spoilers, it involves the dramatic recreation on dying and being brought back to life. The epic is played out live, with other Lodge members as the cast.



Secrets of the 3rd degree

As part of the ritual, you’ll learn the most important of the passwords and handshakes (“grips”) as well as further insight into the founding legend and origins of Freemasonry.



Perks of the 3rd degree

As a Master Mason you can attend all regular Lodge meetings including meetings that are open to only those with the 3rd Degree. These are usually Provincial or Grand Lodge meetings, which are larger more regional meetings.

As a Master Mason, you will be able to visit Masonic Lodge in other countries around the world using the certificate you were given as well as the passwords/handshakes.


So, What’s next?

As a Master Mason, you’ve reached the highest degree in Freemasonry. You will have earned the full respect of other Master Masons in your Lodge as well as those that haven’t yet earned the degree. You can rest on your laurels and just enjoy the brotherhood.

That being said, there are other side paths you can take. These are not higher than the 3rd Degree, although they do have a higher number designation.

The next set of degrees are known as the “royal arch” degrees. It’s your choice whether to go for these degrees, and again, although higher in degree number, they are just side degrees. These can add a bit extra to your experience as a Freemason and open up new circles.

As well as joining the Royal Arch Degrees, as a Master Mason you can also take Office in your Lodge and help administer it. Eventually you can work your way up to become the Worshipful Master and lead of your Lodge and fellow Lodge members.

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