What is Masonic Regalia?

Masonic Regalia are Masonic items that are specifically worn by Freemasons during Masonic meetings and engagements. Masonic regalia includes: Aprons, Jewels, Collars, Cuffs and even Jewellery.



Freemasonry has its own unique regalia. These are items that we as Freemasons wear, mostly during Masonic meetings. Some are worn in public such as cuff-links or Masonic rings.

The most notable piece of regalia worn is the Masonic Apron, which is unique to the fraternity. You’ll may also have noticed people out and about wearing Masonic rings. Let’s look at some Masonic regalia in more detail.


Aprons: Real men wear Aprons.

Freemasons wear Aprons during Masonic Lodge meetings; not cooking aprons, Masonic Aprons. Why?

Freemasonry traces its origins to guilds of Medieval Stone Masons i.e. actual workers of stone. These skilled workers would wear simple pieces of cloth tied around their waists so as to protect their clothing underneath from bits of stone, rubble and dirt.

As Freemasonry developed, moving away from actually working with stone and buildings, they took with them many of the symbols of Stone Masonry, including the Apron.

There’s a unique apron for each of the three degrees of Freemasonry. As a Freemason is initiated into a higher degree, he receives a new apron.



Masonic Collars are an old-world term for necklaces. These would be worn by elevated members of the public, such as clergy, ministers or as an insignia of Knighthood. Specific Masonic Collars are worn by Officers within Freemasonry, with a different collar for each different Office role.



Masonic Cuffs are worn in conjunction with Masonic Collars, usually by Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge Officers i.e. Officers that preside of Lodges within a district.


White Gloves

This is another part of the Masonic Regalia known to popular media. In some countries or jurisdictions, all Masons wear white gloves during Masonic meetings. In other jurisdictions, only certain officers wear them.


Masonic Jewels

These resemble Military medals, or medals of Knighthood. They are made and worn for many different occasions and are only worn during Lodge meetings as part of the Masonic regalia and are not worn for public engagements.

Each Masonic Lodge may produce its own unique Jewel or may produce them to commemorate an event, for example the 100th year anniversary of that Lodge.

Specific Jewels are also presented when a Worshipful Master steps down from his term in office as leader of the Lodge, this is known as a Past-Master’s Jewel.



This is perhaps one you’ll see in public if you look closely. Many members of the Order wear Masonic Jewellery such as rings, cuff-links or lapel pins. They usually depict the Square and Compass symbol.



As Freemasons, we pridefully wear Masonic Regalia during Masonic meetings, including the signature apron. You’ll also see us using more discreet items, such as rings and lapel pins.


Do you own any Masonic rings or have you seen them? Post comments below!

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