What are Masonic oaths?

Masonic oaths are oaths of loyalty given during Masonic initiations, when a candidate receives a Masonic degree. There is a Masonic oath for each of the three degrees of Freemasonry.



Due to popular media, there is a misconception that the candidate has to swear extremely violent and bloody oaths during his initiation and that should he forsake the Order, these will be carried out upon him.

A more accurate reflection are the oaths that are taken when a politician is “sworn in”, or a solemn promise you give to a close friend. The oaths regard certain principles you must promise to abide by as a Freemason. Oaths are given during Masonic degree initiations.



Now it is true that some of the oaths, hearken back to older times and when taken literally, can be misinterpreted. These are words that have been used for centuries and, in the interest of tradition, they still remain as part of the oaths taken in the modern times.

These parts of the oaths concern penalties for breaking Masonic oaths. These parts are never taken literally and during the actual initiation, this is made clear to the candidate that there are not actual threats, but form part of the ancient traditional oath.

Penalties described in the Masonic oaths are purely down to preserving age-old tradition. Today, the extent to which a Freemason can actually be disciplined by the Freemasonry is by being expelled from the Order, that’s it.


What’s actually said in the Oaths?

We’ll let you know when certain things can’t be discussed to non-Masons, this is one of them!



Freemasonry is an order and so loyalty is essential. To solidify this, the Freemason takes various oaths during initiations, as he moved from degree to degree. Contents of the oaths are centuries old and are still used in Freemasonry today, with certain elements for tradition only.


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