Was George Washington a Freemason?

George Washington (born 1732, Virginia) was the first President of the United States of America, a founding father and is perhaps the most well-known Freemason statesman.


Who was George Washington

Washington is, without doubt, the most influential figure in American history and a highly venerated figure within the Freemasonry order. He helped birth a nation which would one day become the most powerful political entity the world has yet seen.


Washington’s early life

Washington was born in Westmoreland, Virginia to a successful planting family. Washington’s grandfather originally immigrated from England and was able to accumulate a hefty 5000 acres of land.

Washington didn’t receive formal education as a young boy, and instead was home-schooled with additional teaching from a local church sexton (officer). He managed to learn a variety of subjects including Mathematics, Latin and Geography.

Washington shows signs of leadership

As a young man, Washington lived when the American Colonies were under the control of Great Britain. Showing natural signs of leadership, the local British governor, Robert Dinwiddie, appointed Washington as is adjutant, to assist him directly.

Dinwiddie sent Washington with a small force to take on the French, who at the time were encroaching on the British lands in the Colonies. Although Washington was defeated in that particular conflict, his tenacity commanded the respect of the British.

Washington was was subsequently made Commander of all Virginia troops, at the age of 23; a natural commander.


Washington and the American Revolution

Tensions would eventually break out between the British Crown and the American Colonies in the form of armed conflict. After a series of events, the military-experienced Washington was chosen to be the Commander-in-Chief of all Colonial forces.

After a long and brutal conflict, the American Colonies, under the command of Washington, defeated the British, winning their independence. Victorious and weary from battle, Washington would retire his command and retreat to his farm lands in Mount Vernon.

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Washington the first President of the United States

Just four years after his success and resignation to his farms, Washington was called up for service one more time. He would soon become the 1st President of the United States of America, by unanimous decision.

As President, Washington implemented measures to reduce the countries debt, he made peace with several Indian tribes and of course, build the nations capital.

George Washington the Freemason

Washington is one of the most venerated Freemasons, in a very prestigious honor roll. Many of his compatriots and fellow founding fathers were also Freemasons. Washington considered Freemasonry as an expression of his civil liberties.


Washington joins Freemasonry

George Washington joined Freemasonry as a young adult, at the age of 20, being initiated into “Masonic Lodge No.4”, based in Virginia. Wsahington recieved his 2nd Masonic degree when he was 21 and in the following year he was raised to his 3rd Degree as a Master Mason.

Washington’s Masonic engagements

Through war and tribulation, Washington always managed to show dedication to the brotherhood. He was an active Freemason throughout his life. Here are some of his recorded Masonic engagements:

  • 1752, November 4

Washington is initiated into his 1st Degree of Freemasonry, as an Entered Apprentice, in Masonic Lodge No.4, in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He pays 2 pounds and 3 shillings (dollars weren’t in use yet) as his initiation fee. He’s only 20 years old at this time,


  • 1753, March 3

Washington receives his 2nd Degree, becoming a Fellow Craft Freemason, at the same Masonic Lodge in Fredericksburg.


  • 1754, August 4

Washington receives his 3rd and highest Masonic degree, being raised to a Master Mason.


  • 1779, June 24

Washington attends a St. John the Baptist celebration at a Masonic Lodge called “America Union’s Lodge”. The celebrations took place in New York.


  • 1793, September 18

Washington presides over the laying of the cornerstone of the US Capitol building, where the US Congress is based. The laying of the US Capitol cornerstone was a Masonic ceremony, with three Masonic Lodges taking part.


  • 1799, December – Washington passes away

On December 14, Washington passes away. He is buried days later with a church service followed buy Masonic burial rites, conducted by Alexandria Masonic Lodge No.22.



George Washington was a man inspired by the Masonic ideals of morality and enlightenment. Combined with his natural gifts of command and leadership, he fathered a great nation and leaves behind him an enduring legacy, both worldly and Masonic.


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