Welcome to our Privacy Policy page. On this page we explain how your information is used. We value privacy, especially your privacy, so we’ve made policy as clear as possible. If you have any questions or comments, please do get in touch.


What is this Policy?

This page, known as our “Privacy Policy” page explains the following information:


1. Who we are and what we do

2. The information we might collect about you

3. How we might use information we collect about you

4. How we might share the information

5. Keeping your information secure

6. Your choices about the information we collect about you



By using our website (“the Website”, “our Website”, “Encyclopedia Masonic”) found at nmasonic.com and/or encyclopediamasonic.com, you agree to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please do not use the site and drop us an email to share your concerns.



1. Who we are and what we do

Encyclopedia Masonic is an online encyclopedia for Freemasonry. Its a digital resource about Freemasonry, run by Freemasons. We’re seeking to provide an accurate portrayal of Freemasonry to you as well as educate members of Freemasonry.


2. What information we may collect about you


a. Information that you give us

When you submit a comment or send us an email, we may collect some details from you. These personal details include all personal information that you choose to provide to us. This includes personal information that we ask you for or that you submit to us without us requesting.

It’s your choice what information you choose to give us. Depending on the situation we may request personal information from you, for example if you have a specific query you want help with. Such personal information can include, but not limited to the following list:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • Your address
  • Your opinions and/or thoughts
  • Your age and/or date of birth
  • Your photo

Remember we will only collect the above personal information from you voluntarily, by you submitting it to us using our email addresses, contact forms or if we ask you for them. Please don’t send us information you don’t want us to have or use.


b. Information that we automatically may collect

When you visit websites online certain bits of technical information are recorded – many websites do this. When you visit Our Website, we may record:

  • Your IP address
  • The internet browser you are using
  • The device and/or mobile platform you use

This information helps us with visitor statistics.



3. How we might use the information we collect from you

a. To contact you

We want to be as interactive as possible with the users of our website. We may use the contact details that you provide us to contact you directly. Reasons that we might contact you (without limitation) could be:

  • To ask you a question about a comment you have posted
  • In response to a contact form submission you fill in and send
  • Emails that you send us
  • Making you aware of articles or content on out Website that may interest you
  • Personalizing your visit to our Website and your experience using it
  • For statistical or research purposes
  • For strategic development
  • For any purposes as required by law or regulations


4. How we might share the information we collect from you

a. Sharing your personal information with third parties

In some cases, with your permission, we may share your information with third parties. Before we share your personal information with a third party, we will always ask your permission. Reasons we may ask you if we can share your personal information include, but are not limited to:

  • If we want to refer you to a third party in response to a question or query you have sent us.


b. Statistical and research information

We may share information collected from you to third parties in the form of statistical or research information. Any such statistical or research information will be anonymized so that you cannot be personally identified from it. If we wish to identify you to a third party, we will ask for your permission. Exceptions such as required by the law or in cases of fraud or criminal activity apply.


c. Changes in website domain and ownership

If we change website domain of our Website or ownership of the Website is changed and/or transferred, all personal information will be shared with the transferee.


d. Notices, advertising, marketing

We may use information we collect from you to tailor marketing and advertising and/or notices shown on the website. This will help us keep such marketing tailored to you and as relevant to you as we can.


5. Keeping your information secure

a. Online security

No data transmission online will be completely secure. However, we want to keep your data as secure as possible. We therefore cannot provide you with any guarantee the security of the information you provide us.We employ a variety of security measures to keep your data as secure as we reasonably can. This includes measures such as SSL, Anti-virus and Firewall.

b. Malware attacks

We regularly scan our site using multiple means, however as anti-virus/malware measures become more sophisticated, attacks are also becoming increasingly sophisticated.


6. Your choices about the information we collect from you

a. Whenever you visit out website

When you visit most websites online, your IP address is recorded in some way. This is like your digital signature online. When you visit our website, an automatic record is kept of your IP address. We use it for statistics such as how many visitors we get each month and where are users come from.

Online hacking attempts via bruteforce attacks have increased worldwide. We sometimes block IP addresses from viewing our site and this is usually automatic. It keeps the site our secure as possible.


Whenever you contact us via our website

We want to be as accessible to our readers as possible and have a few contact forms on our site. If you contact us using one of these contact forms, we keep records of the details your choose to provide, such as Name, email address, phone number. We store this data and this makes it easier for us to contact you directly. Examples of this are if you have contributed articles or material to help the site and we need to ask you a question regarding it.


Whenever you leave a comment on our site

We want our articles to be interactive and so we allow you to leave comments. When you leave a comment, we store your email address that you provide and the IP address. We don’t publish your email address on comments.

We do this so that we can block spambots leaving spam comments and malware links, and also in case we want to contact you directly in response to the comment.


Who we share your data with

We don’t sell your data

We don’t sell any of your personal information to 3rd parties, and its our intention to never do so.


Sharing your data with 3rd parties

We’ll only share do this if it’s something you consent to.

For example, if you contact us wanting to be put in touch with someone within a specific Masonic organization in your area or you want to speak to a Freemason with a particular specialty in knowledge, we’ll pass on your details to them as long as you consent.

We won’t share your contact details without your consent.