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Simple; don’t steal our content.


Using our content

Why we protect our content

We need to ensure that the content we put out is accurate and correctable at a moment’s notice; there’s vast amounts of misinformation about Freemasonry online. We have a team who spend time and effort in order to produce the content you see here. We therefore protect our content and take copyright infringements extremely seriously.


Do not use our content without permission

You may not use or reproduce any content on our site, including images, text, articles, comments without our written permission. Simply using our content and placing a link to our site is not sufficient.


If we do give permission

If we do give you written consent to use any of our content, this will be for a particular and defined piece or set of content, not the whole site. It will also be for a specifically designated time period. All such content that we do give you permission to use must contain a link to the original content on our site.


Copyright infringement

If you use our content without permission

If you use our content without gaining written permission from us, we will actively proceed with the following options:

  • A kind initial and informal message to desist
  • A written warning
  • A DMCA complaint filing
  • Reporting complaint to your hosting company
  • Contacting your overseeing organization (Masonic and/or Non-Masonic)
  • Legal action (if applicable)


The hard work and contributions of many individuals goes into keeping this site accurate, protected and active. Freemasonry can also be a sensitive, misrepresented topic, online and offline. We therefore take copyright infringements extremely seriously.


If you want to ask for permission to use a particular piece of content from our site, just contact us here.

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