The Project

The aim of Encyclopedia Masonic is to provide a complete and comprehensive online encyclopedia and digital information resource dedicated to Freemasonry and all things Masonic.

We’re aiming to complete the entire project (that’s a lot of information) in the next 2-3 years. It’s a team project.



The majority of information about Freemasonry is still in written form and has yet to be brought online. A lot the information that does exist online is inaccurate or plain myth.

We want to change this by creating an easy to use resource that portrays Freemasonry in a more fair and balanced light.


  Who’s behind it all?

An independent team of Freemasons edit all articles and administer the Website. To ensure accuracy we also restrict this team to “Recognized” Freemasons only.

This is all to ensure that a more accurate picture of Freemasonry is portrayed – from the inside.


  Who’s it for?

Everyone. The aim of the website is to educate both Freemasons and non-Masons about Freemasonry and related topics.

It’s aimed at anyone who’s interested in finding out more. It’s for you.


  Somethings won’t be discussed

Freemasonry has traditionally kept elements in secrecy. There’s nothing sinister about it – we’re not a secret society, but a society with some secrets!

For non-Masons, we’ll let you know clearly when certain topics can’t be discussed.


  How can you help?

If you’re a Freemason or a Masonic organization, there are many ways you can contribute, including writing for us and submitting content.

If there’s any way you can help or contribute to this project, just contact us here. Always looking to expand the team.

For questions or comments, just drop contact us using this form  .

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