Carried Interest Private Equity Example

Durrant of the lead seed investor. In addition to scouting for startups, he now sits on the public company boards of both the real estate tech outfit Opendoor and the space tourism company Virgin Galactic. You must exercise your own independent judgment when making any investment decision.

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What is Venture Capital?

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The methodology tied to revenues also may favor the new fund, since the older funds in wind down may no longer be generating management fees, particularly if transaction fees and other offsets reduced management fees.

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Many private equity funds purchase businesses, operate them for a short period, and then sell them for profit.


Cayman Islands for tax purposes. Negotiations concerning whether Management Fees are treated as an expense in the calculation of the Carried Interest should be recognized as a negotiation over price. If an LP investing in a fund wishes to protect its interest, it would either need to confirm that a clawback exists in the agreement, or request it prior to signing.

What is a carried interest? They also often improve the likelihood that their investments will succeed by helping founders network and attract additional talent, and sometimes providing other services. This is already common in hedge and equity funds, but new to venture capital funds.

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How should tax payable be treated? This may be worth analyzing, is private equity carried interest is not wish to.