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Several of the Water UK member organisations report varying approaches and levels of CDM awareness of the third party clients, which often leads to confusion, potential lack of compliance and an increased risk of incidents. Designers appointed by the client in projects involving more than one contractor.

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Appointments can be made at framework level where more than one contractor is employed.

CDM principles govern good coordination and communication between contractors and to interpret otherwise seems to undermine those principles.

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Workers should only be asked to prove their skills, knowledge, experience etc. Of course if there is only one contractor there is no requirement for a PD. This will help to ensure that the work progresses as planned.

What information should a contractor provide? Invoice Mexico What is CDM training?

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On larger projects, a PD can appoint a Health and Safety specialist to assist them in performing their duties.

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All projects are subject to the regulations, therefore, the Head of Campus Planning and Development or Capital Works Manager must be made aware of all projects to ensure no work is completed outside of the regulations. Even today its analysis of the causes of site accidents is still widely referred to. Always ask for, and keep, proof of Public Liability Insurance.

Recommendation The Water UK member organisations tend to use a common supply chain, therefore consistency of approach with external designers, contractors and Trade Unions is fundamental for efficiency and understanding. Safety are used as a structure as described by the guidance for the content.

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Principal Designer needs to be appointed. Questionnaire GoodBurges Salmon website at www. Real.

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All duty holders have responsibilities to provide health and safety information and comply with the requirements under CDM.