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Landlord says i cant remove my light fixtures, ceiling fans from home when i move out. Also, there are rumors it will be sold to an investor that may just tear the complex down. An eviction notice, or an eviction letter, is the first step in the legal eviction process. TJCTC strongly recommends that a notice of the contest and the scheduled hearing is attached. That could mean serving the notice in person, by certified mail, or by a state marshal. Just tweak your name, and post to make others aware of what they will be dealing with. Consider asking for a reasonable accommodation to let you stay in your home. If the rent is not paid by a certain date, the tenant must leave the Premises. Evictions are governed by TEX.

This is important to understand as a verbal agreement to let a friend or family member stay with you may create a tenancy at will and will require formal eviction proceedings to get them to move out.

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Two other people applied for the apt however plans fell through and only I ended up moving in. It also stated what paid by tenant and proof need for move in such as electric acct number. The basis for eviction was the landlord claimed that he wanted to personally occupy her unit. Is a landlord responsible for scorpion control or is that considered routine pest control? Depending on your economic situation, you may qualify for subsidized or free legal services. What if the tenant did not have a chance to pick up the certified mail right away? Sometimes, the court may require you to pay the rent that is due into the court. What is the Eviction Diversion Program?

It is astonishing the bleep that people put you through and what they can get away with. The landlord may not retain any part of the security deposit to cover normal wear and tear. This is impossible because they left voluntarily before the date to evict and never returned. Two of my rental properties have stopped watering their lawns, so now all grass is gone. Emergency Affect My Legal Problem?

We have two young kids that spill and track in dirt.:

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  • In many cases, a simple text message reminder that rent is due is enough to prompt the tenant to take action.

  • Sandy, some people dont have the money to pick up and move.

  • Discovering that a tenant lied about something significant on their rental application is a valid reason for eviction.

  • They contacted me, unsolicited, to provide additional information for their database about the tenant I filed an evicition on.

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  • The lease says I have a storage space.

  • My office management has been lying, gossiping about me, slandering my name.

  • My wife is disabled with cerebral palsy.

  • My landlord is always on the property and coming over unannounced.

  • Now the bill is back to normal.

She claims she keeps in contact with the judge and that there will not be a court process. The notice should also disclose that the tenant must leave the premises by a specific date. And all this is because she thinks we have drug activity going on.

He has also told me to clean my house up. How are we doing? California and I want to know if this is legal for him to do that.


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